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Related post: Date: Thu, 13 Apr 2006 japanese bbs teen 18:20:43 -0700 From: Subject: Queer Years 01-Shy ExplorationsQueer japan lo bbs Years By: AberrationDisclaimer:This story contains depictions of graphic sex, zepps bbs guide between boys and between boys and adults, men usually or older adolescents.If this story offends you, you are below the age of 18, or such material is not allowed in your area, yo fantasy bbs please stop reading.Also, this story is entirely a work of fiction with no basis in virgins bbs kids little reality. The author does not endorse or condone this behavior in any way, shape or form in real life.Comments are welcome at aberrationhush.comAuthor's note: I used bbs sex pics the term Queer, even though I know some take offense at the word, but the term was the common expression used during the time period(s) the story is imagined in, so I deemed it relevant.Part One: Shy ExplorationsMike and I had just finished sixth grade. Frank would be an eighth grader after that summer when we were inseparable. I'd known Mike since second grade; babbleclub bbs sandra model sleepovers bbs magazine fotos were common, as was sharing a bath until we dirty little bbs turned ten. We still would have, but our bbs non nude teens Dads thought such behavior unthinkable, so we started preparing for bed separately. We knew we'd just fool around under the covers anyway.Touching, petting and just snuggling up was an activity we fell into naturally and without sexual connotations, but we learned quick not to do such things in front of parents, teachers and such. In public we were just two best friends, little angels pics bbs but privately we both felt a lot more, we just didn't know what it was called, or any of that stuff, just to keep it secret.I'm Craig by the way, and shocking bbs cp this is my story about how sex discovered me. How it started a life long passion for competition swim wear, model bbs pedo especially when adorning the sleek, svelte frame of a boy just perched upon the throes of puberty.We found out from Frankie why our wieners child model bbs toplist got stiff, individually at first, when his family moved next ours, to Mike's actually, just before school started last year. I was the first to broach friendship, since Mike and his family were off on their annual family vacation and young girl nud bbs there really wasn't anyone else.Neither Mike nor I were that athletic, we weren't nerds but not very physically active, free bbs virgin except for swimming, we both loved going to the pool. Frankie on young lola angels bbs the other hand bbs 11yo was an all out jock and ls bbs anya liked wrestling; roughhousing and had been on an actually swimming team, dark colletion bbs part of the relay team. We were tussling teeny angels bbs in his new bedroom when I suddenly got the first what I now know were erotic videos bbs porn feelings. Trapped beneath his more mature frame, his face right in front me, my arms pinned by the wrists above my head, his groin pressing against mine insistently, all combined and sent a shock underground bbs galleries of pleasure though my body."Get off!" I struggled, frightened by the sudden electric feeling that coursed through me and especially my little penis, which rapidly stiffened into a complete erection."No way!" he laughed, "Not til ya give in, say I'm the best!""NO!" I refused that instinctive negativity to failure kicking in and I fought him off with a sudden twist and thrust with my hips, flipping us, reversing our positions, my body crashing on top of japanese young bondage bbs him."Oww," he moaned, "Stop, oh stop, damn my nut, you poked my nut!"I continue to roll off to his side, concerned and fearing I'd really hurt him."Sucker!" he cried and flipped bbs gallery free right over on top of me again, this time twisted his legs around my thighs and gripping with sex sites japan bbs vise like strength."Say it!" he cried."Ok! Ok!" I laughed and spouted, "You're the BEST!""Hah !" he bbs littel girls grinned, but slide off me. "Now your mine, you have to do what say!""What?" I asked, "No way, lol model bbs I just said you're the best!""I know," he grinned, "I'm just raggin' ya!" then flashed a look that sent butterflies to my stomach, my little peter reacting again."What time preeteen bbs models you gotta be home?" he asked."Pretty soon," I told him, "My mom's home, but I'm supposed to be home when my Dad gets home from work.""Me too," he answered sort of glumly, dark bbs pics "Eating with the parents, what a drag!"I was puzzled by his mood, my family enjoyed vombat elwebbs dinner together, well, except for my bratty little sister, but she really wasn't all that bad, just annoying some times."Hey," he brightened suddenly, "Wanna spend the night?""Sure," I grinned back, "I gotta ask, but Mom always lets me stay at Mike's!"There was no problem, after our mothers talked for about fifteen minutes and that sealed my fate, so to speak, bbs naked girls for I was to discover that Frankie liked to cuddle too, except his needs were a lot different then Mikes.I found out why he wasn't crazy about dinner, his Dad was kinda sour and on the mean side free bd girls bbs and later learned that he beat Frankie fairly often, but he was quiet for the most part that night. When the plain, and really not very good, supper was done, we retreated to Frankie's room and messed about playing board games, cards and little pearls bbs stuff. bbs dream elweb ls He was quick to warn me that we couldn't wrestle or stuff, because his bbs dark pics Dad would get mad."And you don't wanna know him when he's mad!" was bbs darkcollection board forum the first clue things weren't all that good between elwebbs forum list toplist son and father.Around ten, he knocked on Frankie's door, not waiting little girl model bbs for a boys bbs darkcollection response and told bbs korean porn us it was bed time and without a smile, told me, "Nice to meet ya, what was your name?""Craig," I timidly offered."Yeah, well don't be girl model bbs messin' around and wake us up or I'll tan your hide like I do Frankie's, understand?"I gulped without saliva and gave the correct response of bbs little angel `yessir' and he reacted with a mean smirk and added, "Good, bbs ranchy I like a boy that knows his manners!" and with that he teen lesbian imagebbs closed the door.Not even a good night or anything and I felt sorry for my new friend, because my parents always great ls bbs gave both my sister a hug bbs architects and a kiss loita elwebbs bbs pretty girl bbs goodnight and while I feigned disgust at my father's smooching, inside it made me comfortable and secure."I hate him." Frankie stated flatly."You hate your own father?" I gasped."He's not my real dad," bbs kids boys gallery Frankie spit out venomously, "My real dad died when I was four, my mom married that asshole bbs video child y.o. three years ago.""Oh." I lamely muttered, "How did he die, your real dad I mean.""Drunk driver, he was driving his amature porn bbs eighteen wheeler and this stupid fuck cut in front of him, his rig flipped and killed him turk adult bbs pics instantly.""Wow," was all I could manage. Then remembered password for teen bbs you were suppose to console people at times like this and put a hand on his shoulder, zep bbs admin post "I'm so sorry, Frankie.""Hey," he shrugged, but gave me elweb bbs galleries a faint curl of a smile, "It's cool, I'm over that, but sometimes I still miss him badly. I can barely remember, but I know he was 12 yo model bbs a lot cooler then that waste of flesh!""Yeah," I softly added."We better get in bed, in case he comes back and checks.""You think he will?" I nervously inquired."Nah," he flipped his head, "but let's not take the chance!"He stood and started stripping off his clothes and I joined in, finding myself elwebbs ranchi gateway suddenly interested in the tight, muscular body that was being revealed as we disrobed. The year difference in our ages was acute to me, but probably not that graphic in reality, but the definition of muscle, deep rich tan, that he was now almost totally displayed, clad in just, sort of dingy white, cotton briefs, was definitely more pronounced then mine. I couldn't take my eyes off the front either. When Mike I undressed, you couldn't tell young russian tgp bbs where our stuff was unless we were naked, but I could see the whole outline of naked little bbs Frankie's penis and the testicles that were obviously hanging down."Take a picture," he grinned at me, "It'll last longer!""What?" I responded dumbly. "Oh, sorry, it's just^.""It's cool," he laughed, "I don't mind if you want to look.""Really?""Really," he said, getting a serious look on his face. A look that I would come to know meant he was getting horny. "In fact, if you want, I'll let ya see all of me, you want me to get naked?"I gulped as when his 14 yo bbs vombat father had frightened me, torn by racing thoughts of nasty playground comments and the simple fact that I did want to see him, all of him."Yeah," I finally managed bbs 15 years extrem and tearing my vision away from what I was sure was his wiener beginning to expand, to look into his eyes.Without a word bbs illegal pics he quickly stripped bbs illegal adele off his worn out underpants, tossed them into the corner casually, then dropped his hands to his hips, cocked into a pose I'd secretly examined in many an underwear ad and stood silent as I took in his humbling beauty."Wadda ya think?" he grinned and pivoted, assuming another stance of modeling."Awesome!" I admitted without thinking, "Your so tan, except around, uh, you know.." I trailed off; eyes riveted to the thick, much manlier looking tube of flesh that wasn't hanging anymore.He was getting an erection, letting himself go completely stiff, proudly exhibiting a pure six inches of nearly two inch thick, proud nonnude bbs adolescent boy cock that bobbed and jerked as his heart beat. It was amazing, my first real exposure to sexual excitement and most of all, just bbslist darkbbs at the base of that entrancing male bbs sandra appendage, bbs kimmy een a visible, but still sparse dusting of light brown curls of pubic hair."Wanna touch it?" he asked softly and moved closer to me, my hands still at the waist of my jeans."Seriously?""Like a heart attack," he grinned and stepped up, took my right wrist and guided my fingers to himself.They bbs child pic slipped around it so naturally and I was immediately awed at how silky, yet strong child sex bbs kds it felt. I squeezed it, stroked it and without knowledge of why, let my other hand drift over and cup the two large orbs beneath and roll them around in russian virgin xxx bbs my palm."Oh yeah," he softly moaned, ailbait livedoor bbs his eyes closing for a moment of enjoyment."Put it in your mouth!" he whispered in my little naked girl bbs ear, then stepped a little back, breaking contact, his hands going to my shoulders, pressing with determination, "Get on your knees, com'on Craig, you know you want too!"I did, want too I mean and the overwhelming phtc cp bbs urge took over and I got down on my haunches, putting my teen nude bbs face directly in front of his already potent penis. It felt natural all of a sudden and I reached up and wrapped my finger and raped japanese bbs thumb around the base, startled a little by the warmth and sense of power that coursed through the veins.Suddenly the thought of slipping my lips around that purplish-pink hood was the most enticing sensation I'd ever experienced and I did it, quickly and when my tongue touched the very tip, my little boner exploded in pleasure and I groaned around Frankie's erection."Oh geez, yeah!" he whispered hoarsely, "It feels so good Craig!""Mmm, mhhm, mmmnngggg," I struggled, forcing the gagging reflex to abide, then wagging my head, feeling almost half invade then slide away, making me rise a little and make sure it would go bbs bd sisters straight in art bbs portal and out."Awww, fuuuck," he grunted, taking my ears in his hands, pumping his hips gently.Frankie controlled everything from that point on, not ls girls darkbbs believing cpfansclub bbs his luck in finding another cocksucker so quickly, then totally disbelieving I'd never done anything, not even beating best teen tgp bbs my own dark colection bbs meat, calling me a `god damn natural', then lovingly sucking my tongue, another first, French kissing."Let's get into bed, we can suck each other at the same dirty sex bbs bbs topkds galleries time that way."He grinned and I complied quickly, having hoped beyond hope he would suck mine. The right position took a little doing, but I wound up on my back, his knees around bbs sexy girl my neck, head propped up and teen girl bbs with just a little time, worked him in so that I could swallow the head and about guestbook kds bbs an inch before he'd bottom his pubic bone against my chin, but ranchi main page bbs when bbs alt binaries young he bent forward a little and slurped up on my little bone, then just the right amount could slide in and out of mouth.It felt so great, his great cock slipping around and fucking my mouth and his experienced mouth working over my own russian kids sex bbs quivering three inch dick, I bbs passes porn was swimming in a lukewarm ocean.Suddenly my rod of ecstasy was pulled from my embrace Frankie awkwardly perched with the last half of his shaft pressed against my nose, tensed and gritted his teeth for a second or two.He hissed softly, "Stop, shit that was close, man where'd bbs free pass lol you learn that? It's like you been doin' it your whole life or somethin'""What?" I asked, bbs incest child children totally confused."Suck cock like that, dummy!" he was grinning nude kids bbs from ear to ear."No where, stupid, that's the first time!" I jeered, somewhat perturbed.He was dumbfounded index bbs porno to say the least and we actually both lost our erections as I had to swear over and over again it was my first attempt at cocksucking."Well," he finally said, with that grinning `horny' face again, "If ya like, you can practice on me anytime!" then gave me a playful nudge."I liked it." I said plainly.I guess it was just so open and honest; he couldn't take it and began his confession by admitting that far from his first time, he did this stuff a lot and not just other boys.It was over an hour later that we finally got back to my initiation and I learned how to really enjoy sucking Frankie's ripe and bountiful cock, after he'd ukrainian bbs girls photos instructed me on the fine art of bbs nonude board cute masturbation and he'd squirted his first (and another for me) load up and down his smooth sleek torso as my hand fisted it for him.That first time I sucked, licked and toyed with him for over twenty minutes, pausing only to agree that after tasting his leakage of sweet precum he could go avs bbs all the way in my mouth, and I first tasted, then fell madly in love with thick, salty discharge he spurted for me to swallow.Before we had to get up bbs thumbnail gallery the next morning, Frankie was drained dry after depositing three more loads into my tummy and I was a confirmed cocksucker.Until that next afternoon and Frankie showed me what being a top or bottom meant.Coming soon:Chapter TwoFrankie's Confession; Craig's new friend tells him all about his sexual history. bbs lola toplists
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